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Con Te 6 - The largest Community in Europe


Damanhur's story year by year

Damanhur is one of the most structured Communities in the world and its story contains so many initiatives and events that we should need a much bigger volume than this to tell them all. For that reason, in these pages we have condensed the following phases: the conception of the community project (1969 – 1979), its physical creation and subsequent consolidation (1980 – 1992), the period of rapid expansion (1993 – 2000), and the further growth that still continues, uninterrupted.

Damanhur, with more than forty years of history and thousands of followers all over the world, is a social and spiritual experience that has a lot of stories to share with the reader. “Damanhur Con Te” represents a way to collect them and tell them so that you can take away with you a small piece of the wisdom – or the foolishness, it depends on how you look at it – that has led us in this adventure.

Con Te 6 - The largest Community in Europe

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  • Fakta:

    Forfatter: Coboldo Melo (Roberto Sparagio)


    Utgivelsesår: 2018


    Innbinding: Heftet




    Språk: Engelsk


    Sider: 94


    Forlag: Devodama


    ISBN/EAN: 9788899652999

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