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The Poetry of my Consciousness

At sixteen, the young Oberto, who in his adulthood with the name of Falco Tarassaco would have become the founder of Damanhur, collected his poems in a book and soon after published a short story in the form of letters. There was no trace then of what would have happened a few years later, of his consciousness awakening, or of his social, artistic and spiritual adventure in Damanhur… Or maybe there was!


How much of Falco Tarassaco, as an enlightened spiritual guide, is contained in these writings? How many fine threads link the thoughts of young Oberto to the philosophy developed by Falco in his forty years of spiritual teachings?


Let’s find these signs together: the meditative reflections which lead us to the themes that Damanhur will later develop. Let’s try to give meanings to the images, the words and the metaphors that seems to be just somepoetical exercises.

The Poetry of my Consciousness

kr 225,00Pris
  • Fakta:

    Forfatter: Stambecco Pesco




    Innbinding: Heftet




    Språk: Engelsk


    Sider: 176


    Forlag: Devodama


    ISBN/EAN: 9788832197037

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