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Profecies of the end of times


Centuries of yesterday - quatrains of today

One of the dreams of humankind is to know the future, so we can prepare for it and be able to face it. In Falco’s quatrains there are hidden signs of these times and of those to come.


A prophecy states the possible scenarios that may await us; on the one hand to prepare us for them and on the other to show how intricately interconnected are the threads of time - so much so that we are able to foresee events, if only in allegorical form.

It is perhaps this which brings all prophecies closest to our daily lives: they remind us of the "circular" dimension of space and time where, more than chronology or the reading of cause and effect, what counts is the angle from which we observe events amid the laws governing the universe.

To better understand the frame of reference in which to interpret Falco Tarassaco's prophecies, we need to consider the theory of the separation of the planes which constitutes one of the keys to interpretation that he put forward to bring his message into focus.

Falco explains that by the middle of the third Millennium, planet Earth will have arrived at a situation where life is unsustainable owing to the deterioration of the environment and the impoverishment of spiritual values.

The Galactic Council, which watches over the evolution of life, decides to send a being to Earth, six hundred years back into the past, entrusted with the task of creating new conditions for survival and a new plane of reality, separate from the one that had "already happened". Consequently, today, the whole of humanity lives on a plane of existence which is both real and virtual, the purpose being to densify this alternative plane so that it can substitute the previous one.

Profecies of the end of times

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  • Fakta:

    Forfatter: Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi)


    Utgivelsesår: 2016


    Innbinding: Heftet




    Språk: Engelsk


    Sider: 114


    Forlag: Devodama


    ISBN/EAN: 9788894118544

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