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Inner Personalities

So many voices inside you. Who are you, really?


From the discoveries of Falco Tarassaco


«Everyone represents a potentially perfect team.
The harmony of the whole is consciousness.
It is love. Integration is possible only through Love,
in any circumstance and at any level.»

Falco Tarassaco


Different voices and driving forces alternate in each human being. Frequently, we suddenly find ourselves doing and saying things that are different from what we would have liked to do or say. This book teaches us to recognize the multiplicity contained in each of us, the different drives and needs that bring different approaches to our daily life, so we can begin to consider them as precious resources and no longer as obstacles. Understanding the complex relationships within us will help us to live better with ourselves and with others, since all our relationships in a family, social or working environment, show a similar pattern to those that happen within us.

Curiosity, a playful attitude, having fun, are pleasant approaches to this research and help us to understand ourselves, what happens to our different parts, and also to discover and appreciate all the talents we have.

The theory and the simple exercises presented in this book invite you to follow a path in search of knowing yourself step by step, offering a useful and verifiable set of tools at a personal level.

Inner Personalities

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